October 16, 2019

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TRUTH ABOUT SYRIA as Establishment Panics, Escalates Lies

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Media lies about “nukes held hostage”, “chaos” in Syria, “betrayal of allies, Kurds”; Who put the nukes in Turkey and why, who decided to keep them there? ABC’s fake video clip of Turks attacking Kurd civilians exposed. Rand Paul: we’ve been arming all sides & won’t kill Americans to make Turks & Kurds love each other. Trump has destroyed “Regime Change in Syria”; The only border the Pentagon won’t defend — OURS with Mexican Cartels
FOX’s Chris Wallace — tool of military industrial complex. The progressive lies about genocide & slavery that brainwashed college students to hate Columbus. Epidemic of body part trafficking & murder. “Consent modules” for sex robots, but psychological manipulation & physical mutilation for kindergarteners.

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