October 07, 2019

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Which Way Will the Military Go If Martial Law is Declared?

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An op-ed from a IC, FBI, DHS insider discusses her visit to CENTCOM as she asks who the military would side with if the CIA continues with its coup or President Trump declares martial law. What would martial law look like in the US? It just happened in Iraq and is escalating rapidly. Chuck Todd loses it with Sen Ron Johnson, calling the senator a “conspiracy theorist”, then uses John Brennan to push the idea that the US is a failed, corrupt democracy under dictator Trump. Elizabeth Warren, Lie-a-Watha caught lying again. Why aren’t opioid drug kingpins treated like drug kingpin El Chappo? CMU prisons to hold political dissidents & whistleblowers incommunicado, exposed by the wife (Dana) of one of the prisoners (Marty Gottesfeld).

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