October 22, 2019

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Syrian Mission Creep, Texas Jury Castrates Child, Using Blockchain to Block Censorship

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Elections—Trudeau hangs on barely, Netanyahu out, BREXIT
New line of attack against Trump claiming insider trading — remember Pelosi’s insider trading & STOCK Act? Exposing the District of Corruption
Will Lockheed Lindsey & Pompeo stock Trump withdrawal? New mission creep: protecting oil fields
US (Pentagon & CIA) funded 21 of 28 “crazy unreliable militias”, now the villains as narrative flips faster than Orwell’s 1984
Josh Petty, CEO twetch.com, on how his company’s blockchain based social media platform seeks to enable you to own your content, preserve it from censorship and even monetize it through Bitcoin SV
A father’s fight to stop his divorced wife from chemically castrating their son when he reaches the age of 8 has been denied by a Texas jury, SaveJames.com
GOP senator fears for his life after being threatened when he exposed child trafficking through the state’s CPS/foster care network
Romney, aka #PierreDelecto, caught “in flagrante delicto” shilling for healthcare & profiting from corruption
Healthcare for the world? Here’s how much it will increase National per Capita Debt and how much wealth confiscation Medicare4All will cost

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