November 08, 2019

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Soros’ Strategy for Political Persecution, Spending MILLIONS to Elect D.A.’s

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Soros gave MILLIONS to elect 4 prosecutors in Virginia — not the first time he’s done this. What’s the national strategy to make our justice system even more politicized?
Another sign of escalating civil war & hatred of free speech — Greenwald physically attacked by fellow “journalist” for publishing real whistleblower info
Corporate news coverup of Epstein & punishment of suspected whistleblower as even FOX news hides the political operative who filed a hearsay complaint against Trump (aka “the whistleblower”)
Mickey Mouse is one of the 11,000 signers of climate alarmist letter calling for “population control”
Don Trump, Jr singlehandedly whips the failed Democrat comediennes & RINO daughters of failed politicians on “The View”; David Knight fact-check Hostin (“I have a law degree”) on whether it’s against the law to name a whistleblower
Joy Behar red-faced as Don Trump, Jr calls her out on her “blackface”, and calls out Whoopi cheering pedophile director Roman Polanski
Cuban government and US conservatives cover for BigPharma over MMR vaccine deaths
More mass violence in Mexico & how the DEA caused the death of 100’s in just one incident
Richard Proctor,, joins to talk emoluments, whether Trump is legally obliged to turn over his tax returns and the propaganda mills (aka public schools) that are producing a generation of socialists & communists

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