November 14, 2019

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Roger Stone
Rand Paul uses the “C-word”
3 CIA Bolivian coup is just like the 1953 Iranian coup “Operation Ajax”
Chris Wallace, FOX News, gets a thrill talking about Trump accuser, Taylor
Jim Jordan absolutely destroyed Taylor’s testimony
High school students protest Chik-Fil-A, Coca-Cola pushed parents to push transgender confusion on kids, Disney+ has a new warning to viewers about “outdated cultural depictions” on classic movies
Gerald Celente,, joins to look at Mayor Bloomberg’s candidacy, the Bolivian coup, regime change in Middle East & where financial markets are headed
“Whistleblower” who wasn’t there, “witnesses” who witnessed nothing, now psychiatrists who’ve never met Trump, let alone examined him, want to testify about his mental state
White Helmets founder, former MI6, killed
EXPOSED: the lies & machinations of Nikki Haley
Global Warming? Cold weather is killing cities’ electric buses and California is regulating independent contractors (especially owner-operator truckers) out of business

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