November 19, 2019

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The “Google Archipelago” & The Coming Open-Air Gulags

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00:01:35 Rise of the Technocratic Terminators & the “Google Archipelago”
00:22:11 Some of the crazy policies that are ushering in the authoritarian austerity from food, to mobility, to housing, to families
00:34:41Eric Swalwell’s breaking news — the shart heard round the world
00:41:54Philadelphia school ignored toxic lead in drinking water, NY mandates HPV vaccine to attend school
00:49:42 Chick-Fil-A caves to demands of LGBTyranny — they should listen to lyrics of Kanye’s “Closed on Sundays”, but they’re throwing Christian organizations under the bus to try & appease the intolerant mob
01:13:26 Royal apologist tries to excuse Prince Randy Andy by claiming having sex with a sex trafficked 14 yr old isn’t pedophilia
01:28:09 Soros, Eric CIA-ramella, Victoria Nuland & Michael Steele — how the usual suspects conspired in Coup Part Deux
01:45:31 Dust Bowl Okies disappear & LA Times promotes the disappearance of white people & culture as a good thing

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