December 06, 2019

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The David Knight Show - December 6, 2019

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Calls for UN Military Action to Enforce Climate Agenda — “securitize”. Pentagon has already labeled “climate” the biggest threat — not China, Russia, open borders.
Bloomberg’s other gun control organization — PERF, a police “think tank” pushing militarized police & gun control
Scorched Earth! NYT calls for blocking USMCA & any other legislation simply because it might make Trump look good
VA Sheriff promises to deputize thousands if necessary to protect the 2A as Washington Post rages about 2A Sanctuary Cities and praise Illegal Immigration Sanctuary Cities — here’s why WaPo is totally wrong
UN demands censorship of vaccine info after tragic death of 2 toddlers in Samoa have caused a drop in vaccination rates
Biden was “Mr. Magoo-ing” his way through Iowa with his “No Malarkey” tour and then THIS happened…
Racist Al Green whines no people of color in the impeachment pageant but don’t radical, racist feminists count? Don’t worry, Kamala won’t be unemployed for long — both Biden & Warren want to use her POC identity credentials
After long denying it was “shadow banning” Twitter openly puts it in their Terms of Service
What’s in your Chick-Fil-A? A little SPLC, a dollop of Drag Queen Story Hour, and a healthy dose of appeasement mixed with surrender
Richard Proctor,, joins to talk about the constitutional issues with Paris Climate Accord & USMCA, how the co-equal branches of government should have affected the House impeachment inquiry, and what the Constitution says should happen with impeachment

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