February 11, 2014

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San Fran Trendies Aren't Worried About Radiation.

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Infowars Reporters returned to Golden Gate Park to warn local residents about the high radiation levels found just minutes south at Surfers Beach in Half Moon Bay. Some residents and are concerned most are not and and none are aware of the high radiation levels that are just south of their location.

While publicly downplaying the threat posed by Fukushima radiation to the west coast, government scientists are preparing to monitor kelp forests across the entire state of California for contamination from the crippled nuclear power plant.

19 academic and government institutions will take part in the project, dubbed Kelp Watch 2014, which will collect samples of Giant Kelp and Bull Kelp from across the entire Californian coastline.
Sampling will begin next month and end in late winter, with scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory involved in the study.

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