March 13, 2014

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Thursday: The Alex Jones Show. FOIA Doc: Homeland Security Monitors Drudge Report. Plus, McAfee Anti-Virus Software Creator John McAfee Exposes Belizean Government Corruption On A Massive Scale.

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On this Thursday, March 13 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex looks at the startling number of deaths and suicides wracking the ranks of the financial elite's Wall Street minions as the economy bobs and weaves toward its cataclysmic date with an inevitable crash. Alex also takes a look at the latest on the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. New evidence reveals the disappearance may have been part of a possible hijacking. Alex's in-studio guest today is John McAfee, the founder of the computer anti-virus company McAfee and Associates. His latest venture in the field of bacterial quorum sensing is QuorumEx based in Belize. Mr. McAfee has important breaking news to relate to Alex and his audience on today's worldwide broadcast.

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