August 06, 2014

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Tuesday: The Infowars Nightly News. U.S. Health Authorities Concealing Number of Suspected Ebola Victims From Public. Plus, Congressman: Democrats Are “Waging A War On Whites.”

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On this August 5, 2014 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News. Lee Ann McAdoo Hosts. News Covered: Congressman: Democrats Are “Waging A War On Whites. ” U.S. Health Authorities Concealing Number of Suspected Ebola Victims From Public. Untested ebola treatment uses tobacco. Steve King shuts down DACA. Illegal aliens a no-show, for ICE processing dates. Debt increased $7 Trillion since Obama Took Office. All Tennessee's Employment Growth Since 2000 Has Gone to Immigrants. Agri terrorism, feds shut down seed library. Academic: Using Gardening Terms Like “Soil Purity” is Racist.

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    Will the Obama administration be to blame if Ebola breaks out in the United States? looks at the rest of the story. It is completely unprecedented for any government to take in a person affected with a contagious disease unknown to that country. However, both the United States and Germany have now brought Ebola patients inside their countries, and the patient brought to the U.S. was admitted to a hospital with only moderate security, making it easier for Ebola to spread outside the medical facility. The U.S. government and its political system could not care less about the health of individual Americans, and to bring Ebola into America is a disaster in the making of which only the government will benefit through its power grab in response to the health crisis it created. - Watch now

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    On this August 4, 2014 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News. David Knight Hosts. News Covered: LEAKED CBP REPORT SHOWS ENTIRE WORLD EXPLOITING OPEN US BORDER. Drudge: DOZENS FROM EBOLA-STRUCK COUNTRIES CAUGHT SNEAKING INTO USA. EBOLA MAY HAVE ALREADY CROSSED BORDER, SECRET BORDER PATROL REPORT SHOWS. AMERICA'S EBOLA RESPONSE IS 'MADNESS' SHOCK VIDEO: BORDER PATROL ADMITS CITIZENSHIP DOESN’T REALLY EXIST UNDER OBAMA. DHS-FUNDED CONSORTIUM WARNS SOVEREIGN CITIZENS NUMBER ONE DOMESTIC TERROR THREAT. Obama's FBI to hire firm to rate 'positive' and 'negative' stories about the agency. Israel's New 'Censorship' Demand to Media. Elon Musk Says Robots Could Be More Dangerous Than Nukes. Watch This Wireless Hack Pop a Car’s Locks in Minutes. Airplanes could be taken over through inflight entertainment systems, hacker claims. - Watch now

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    On this Monday August 4 edition of the Alex Jones Show Alex continues his coverage of the Ebola scare as dozens showing signs of the disease are caught sneaking into the United States. Alex also looks at the government's war on self-sufficiency as the feds shut down a seed library in Pennsylvania. On today's worldwide broadcast Alex talks with Shooter Jennings, the son of country music legend Waylon Jennings. Shooter will release his latest album, a tribute to George Jones, on August 5. Alex covers other important news items and takes your calls on today's transmission. - Watch now