March 17, 2015

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Monday: The Infowars Nightly News. Al Gore at SXSW: We Need to 'Punish Climate-Change Deniers' and 'Put a Price on Carbon'

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On the March 16, 2015 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, Sirius founder envisions world of cyber clones, tech med. At SXSW, ‘Ex Machina’ Taps Into Fears of Tech, Artificial Intelligence. Al Gore at SXSW: We Need to 'Punish Climate-Change Deniers' and 'Put a Price on Carbon'. Google's New Algorithm: Modern Version of Old-fashioned Censorship? Anti-Media Journalist Facing up to 6 Months in Jail for Filming Police. ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protesters Target White Diners Eating Brunch.

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  • Date: 03/16/2015

    On this Monday, March 16 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we discuss how Democrats are demanding the ATF illegally ban AR-15 ammo and how some 'Black Lives Matter' protestors are bullying peaceful Americans into supporting their cause. We also look into Russian President Vladimir Putin's admittance that Russia was preparing nuclear weapons during the height of the Ukraine crisis as billionaire activist George Soros fueled a coup in the country. On today's show, Baptist minister Ken Hovind joins us from jail to discuss how the federal government has been targeting him for years and now threatens to lock him away in prison for the rest of his life over taxes. You don't want to miss today's show! - Watch now

  • Date: 03/15/2015

    On this Sunday, March 15 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the anti-artificial intelligence protests sweeping the South by Southwest festival as concerns grow over elite-run technologies. Alex will also break down the announcement thatFerguson police have arrested a suspect in this week's shooting, which left two officers injured outside the city's police department. Reports that top Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett leaked details of Hillary Clinton's private email to the press will also be discussed as well as an assortment of national and international news. We will also take your calls on today's worldwide broadcast. - Watch now

  • Date: 03/13/2015

    Infowars Reporter Joe Biggs discusses an article by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, where a man will serve up to 7 years in prison for killing a Police K9. Meanwhile hundreds of instances go ignored where police officers kill innocent dogs and yet nothing happens to them. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed! - Watch now

  • Date: 03/13/2015

    As the National Guard trains with other civilian agencies to react to a natural disasters, gun confiscation is one of their training exercises. But due to pushback from the American people they have now changed the name to door to door "wellness checks". It's important to show this video to all service men, they need to speak out about these illegal activities and refuse to participate if asked. National guardsman are the last line of defense, it is important to educate them so they will not be pawns in a federal government gun confiscation program. - Watch now