September 25, 2017

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Monday-Real News With David Knight - September 25, 2017:Trumps Owns NFL Robber Baron Snowflakes

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• James Gierach— a former prosecutor, now part of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, explains the War on Drugs is a UN Agenda
• Julienne Davis — “coming out” is celebrated for everything except conservatism. paying the price for coming out as conservative

— NFL takes a knee to the groin from Trump. They’re clueless about how their “protests” miss the mark, but Trump gets it.
— Church shooter targeted white people and pictured himself “taking a knee” as the banner image on his Facebook account

— Merkel’s open borders & globalist economics have cost the 2 major parties to drop 21% as a new party rises
— Trump backs away from Strange endorsement, essentially taking it back — “maybe I made a mistake”. He did. David Knight looks at the background and character of the 2 candidates in Alabama
— Weiner will do hard time for sexting a 15 yr old. So why are kindergarten teachers confusing young children about gender and sex and not even being fired?

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