September 29, 2017

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The Alex Jones Show - September 29, 2017

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The Alex Jones Show

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  • Date: 09/29/2017

    GUESTS: • Gary Heavin— Puerto Rico’s deep problems are laid out by Gary who’s involved in relief there. He identifies the logjams and tells which organizations are doing good and which are doing nothing • David J Harris, Jr - the NFL boycott may be a real blessing if fathers recover the lost joys of family life • Michael Snyder - Congressional candidate explains the necessity of not only tax cuts but systemic reforms to the way our laws are made TOPICS: — NBC attacks Roy Moore for saying our rights come from God — The West Point commie cadet has mentor you won’t believe is an instructor at the military academy — It was 50 years ago that “The Prisoner” TV series laid out a dystopian story that was a combination of James Bond, Orwell & Kafka — but it been implemented by James Clapper & the US surveillance state — GOP leadership continues to block & undermine Trump’s agenda as Kelly keeps Trump isolated and in the dark. - Watch now

  • Date: 09/29/2017

    Friday, September 29th: Antifa Prepares For War - California moves to ban gas car sales after the year 2040 and Antifa plans to start a "civil war" on Nov 4. Author and television producer Ted Malloch joins the program to discuss the EU and Spain's conflict with Catalonia. Brandon Tatum posted a viral video to Facebook where he shared his views on the NFL kneeling controversy and never expected the amazing response he received. We'll also take your calls during this worldwide transmission. - Watch now

  • Date: 09/28/2017

    Are the Globalists finally taking over our future while we watch. Guest Dr. Bonner Cohen - Watch now

  • Date: 09/28/2017

    Thursday, September 28th: Trump Delivers on Tax Cuts - President Trump unveils his new tax plan cutting taxes for the middle class and proposing a "surcharge" for the wealthy. And the NFL's downward spiral continues as anti-American protests propel it into irrelevancy. The former US Navy sailor who used the "Hillary defense" in attempts to avert charges for taking unauthorized photos, Kristian Saucier, joins the show to discuss his case and selective enforcement of federal laws. We'll also take your calls during this worldwide broadcast. - Watch now