October 16, 2017

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Monday-Real News With David Knight - October 16, 2017:Trump Alone: Acts On Agenda, Connects With His Voters

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• Roger Stone — Hillary tries to pin Weinstein on Trump
• Jerome Corsi — the key to shutting down Mueller’s investigation
• Stacy Washington — The spoiled millionaire NFL players are about to wake up and find themselves in the position of Colin Kaepernick — desperate to get back what they lost. Kaeper

— Vegas lies turn Sheriff & FBI into a joke
— Mexican Drug War is more lethal than the war in Afghanistan
— Besides costing your liberty & privacy, the crony capitalist dream of electric cars and a ban on all internal combustion engines will have a $2.7 TRILLION price tag for charging infrastructure
— Trump castrates ObamaCare and takes big moves to connect with his agenda & his voters

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