October 18, 2017

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Wednesday-Real News With David Knight - October 18, 2017: Trump Takes Down ObamaCare Single-Handedly

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• Simon Roche — the Marxist govt of South Africa is pursuing a policy of land confiscation and white genocide. A former ANC activist explains what is happening and how Afrikaners are prepping for survival

— Ellen Finds Jesus! Jesus Campos returns to her show after suddenly disappearing when TimeLine 2.0 exposed MGM casinos to massive liability. But there are no questions asked. He’s simply lauded as a hero & showered with gifts.
— New details show the REAL devils in the Russian/Putin collusion — Hillary, Obama’s DOJ, and the FBI who gagged a whistleblower and pushed the Uranium One deal through 15 months AFTER they knew of fraud, bribery and money laundering by those involved.
— the scandal surrounding Trump’s appointment of Drug Czar (who has now stepped down from consideration) exposes Big Pharma’s role in both the Opioid Epidemic & the Drug War
— McCain & the GOP establishment are still working to save ObamaCare after Trump shut down the illegal, unconstitutional theft that’s funding it

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