October 19, 2017

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Thursday-Real News With David Knight - October 19, 2017:Marxists Dictators — In China & Democrat Party

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Title: Marxists Dictators — In China & Democrat Party
Desc: Full Broadcast 19Oct17 Real News with David Knight
• Lionel — Investigators get to the truth by asking questions & ruling out the impossible, but the Vegas shooting “investigation” began not with questions, but with conclusions that haven’t changed even as contradictions emerge.
• Lee Stranahan — new censorship tactics against new media are emerging as Google & Facebook consolidate their monopolies.

— Former FEC Chair suggests people should be threatened with libel suits for simply sharing or retweeting
— China’s President XI is turning into an old-school Marxist dictator, but one with vast economic power
— Judge demands abortion on demand for DREAMER
— Chuckie Schumer fights for tax breaks for the rich — like HIM

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