February 27, 2018

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War Room With Owen Shroyer & Roger Stone. Nazi’s & Communist Team Up To Take Down Infowars

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Monday, February 26, 2018: As the lies and misinformation coming out of the Democrat party and the liberal fake news networks intensify, social media platforms are pushing the total ban on conservatives, Trump supporters, and or course, Infowars, as our information continues to be too powerful for them to complete their global takeover of news and information. We fight back against this attack on the 1st amendment by making a big announcement on Infowars fight for the future.

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    Monday, February 26, 2018: As CNN was prodding YouTube to shut down InfoWars for “bullying” for questioning comments by David Hogg, CNN was engaged in a full blown attack against a student who didn’t support their gun control agenda and wouldn’t be controlled at their scripted “Town Hall”. Then, Jonathan Emord, who has defeated the FDA in court more times than anyone else, joins to talk about efforts to investigate FDA complicity in the SSRI epidemic. And Larry Pratt, Gunowners of America, explains how trained & armed teachers are a “well regulated militia”. - Watch now

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    Monday, February 26, 2018: Congress is back after recess, as the Supreme Court moves to keep the DACA program going. Meanwhile, gun control efforts backfire as Google searches for "buy a gun" hit an all time high and a Florida gun show sees record attendance. On today's show, rock legend and NRA board member Ted Nugent breaks down the assault on the Second Amendment. Alex is also joined by journalist Jack Posobiec to break down the lefts ongoing censorship attacks on anyone who opposes the globalist agenda. - Watch now

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    Sunday, February 25, 2018: Infowars, Free Speech Under Attack - In an unprecedented move, CNN has demanded YouTube remove our content for simply asking questions and reporting what witnesses have said about the Parkland shooting. Democrats are still determined to curtail the Second Amendment rather than arm responsible teachers and tighten FBI background checks. Investigator Doug Hagmann joins today’s show to talk about the newly released Dem rebuttal memo and what it means for the overall FBI investigation. We’ll also discuss what Google's censorship campaign means for free speech and how you can stop it, so tune in! - Watch now

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