April 09, 2018

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World War III Looming Over Syrian Regime Change

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Calm Before Storm? - The chemical attack in Syria may spark World War III, especially as experts question the motive and timing. With Trump calling to remove US troops from Syria a week ago and Assad’s army being on the verge of total victory against ISIS, why would Syria gas its newly-regained territory given the public scrutiny surrounding chemical weapons? Also, Trump’s base seeks action against social media platforms censoring alternative media.

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    President Trump was emphatic that it was time to leave Syria and he was opposed by Joint Chiefs, CIA, Israel & Saudi Arabia. Then, on cue, reports of a gas attack against civilians in Syria. Was it gas? Who did it? Why the immediate rush to judgment like the Salisbury UK “nerve gas” attack? As that lie is exposed, Theresa May & Boris Johnson are exposed as liars, but they got what they wanted. Lionel joins to look at the absurd attributions, lack of motives in the latest wave of panic about Russia. DHS is looking to identify and track “journalists, bloggers and all media influencers”, but if you’re concerned, the DHS Press Secretary says you’re a “black helicopter conspiracy theorist”. - Watch now

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