July 04, 2018

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The Alex Jones Show - July 4, 2018

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  • Date: 07/04/2018

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  • Date: 07/03/2018

    The losing left has gone into complete panic mode as President Trump’s successes continue to grow and he continues to become more popular. In the meantime, the left continues to send out propaganda attempted to agitate their minions to violence. We are also joined by Henry Davis who has gone from Twitter sensation to directly associated to the White House Making America Great Again. - Watch now

  • Date: 07/03/2018

    Trump is preparing to release information on the Clintons, Bushes and Mueller regarding the 9/11 Saudi Cover-up. The hammer is about to go down on Robert Mueller by exposing him helping cover-up Saudi Arabia’s role in 9/11. Government sources confirm that the president has the ultimate torpedo against the Deep State’s role in the era-defining tragedy. Today’s show has the founder of Unite America First, Will Johnson, discussing his mission to unite America one person at a time. Also, Senate candidate Joey Gibson explains his pro-American journey. - Watch now

  • Date: 07/03/2018

    Open borders have created a political crisis in the EU and a political war in the US. David Knight looks at the fragile, fractured coalition of Merkel and pressure building in Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Greece, Ireland and Italy. In the US, the left has become apologists for cartels & terrorists while calling for ICE to be abolished. And, who is still in the running for Supreme Court & who is out? Lionel gives his legal analysis of what qualifies a judge. - Watch now