July 30, 2018

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Julian Assange Faces Risk Of Life In Prison If You Don’t Take Action

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Infowars has launched a petition campaign for President Trump to pardon Julian Assange as his political imprisonment continues and could soon get worse. It is up to patriots on National Whistleblower day to help Assange get the pardon he deserves. We also cover the latest violence from the left and take phone calls.

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    Alex Jones plays and analyzes a video of an Imam, currently living in Denmark, who calls upon Muslims to invade and conquer Europe. Also, an establishment media publisher complained about potential violence against journalists while ignoring the over 500 documented violent attacks against Trump supporters. The tone-deaf appraisal was given on the same day ANOTHER brawl broke out around President Trump’s Hollywood “Walk of Fame” star. Trump also said he will “shut down” the government if Dems don’t vote for border security, adding that lottery and chain migration, as well as sanctuary cities, have got to go. Joining today’s show is former FBI agent and counter-terrorism expert John Guandolo explaining his cutting-edge TV show that focuses on terror networks inside America. Gerald Celente hosts the final hour. - Watch now

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