September 10, 2018

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Obama Comes Out Of Hiding To Remind America Why They Voted For Trump

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We review the blatant lies and falsehoods from Obama’s campaign for the Democrat party taking credit for the economy under Trump. We also take a look at the latest censorship on social media. Owen Shroyer also updates the Infowars Army.

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    Hurricane Florence is projected to be a Category 4 hurricane by its Thursday landfall into the Southeast US coast. Authorities urge people in North Carolina and South Carolina to be vigilant and plan ahead. Also, almost 17 years after the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, Al-Qaeda is reportedly stronger than ever with over 20 thousand soldiers in Syria and Yemen alone. Across the Atlantic, UK opponent of PM Theresa May claims her new Brexit plan is “wrapping a suicide vest around Britain.”Joining today’s show is former liberal and founder of #WalkAway Brandon Straka sharing his mission to wake up the masses duped by leftism - Watch now

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    As Syria moves to take out the last stronghold of ISIS in Syria, Google shows that it serves not just the authoritarian Chinese dictator, but the dictates of the US military industrial complex by cutting off communications of those inside Syria as Nikki Haley goes full pre-cog and accuses Syria of pre-crimes. Then, Steve Quayle on the coming post-human future that is already further than you realize. And, Sweden rejects not just open borders but a failing socialist healthcare system as Jim Carrey tells the left to embrace socialism. - Watch now

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