October 02, 2018

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Real News With David Knight - October 2, 2018

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South Africa’s communists, ANC, are cannibalizing each other and whistleblowers with assassinations. Are “progressives” in America creating the same climate of hatred & violence? Then, the ACLU is desperately running ads against Kavanaugh, even throwing Bill Clinton under the bus, as the web of lies is unraveling. As accusations against Kavanaugh are analyzed, the old adage “liars need good memories” has never been truer. Avenatti’s client dials down her gang rape accusations to milder charges, but even NBC doesn’t believe her. Ford’s testimony is destroyed by Rachel Miller’s report. And Eric Peters explains why Big Brother watching us while we drive is only part of the problem. The experiment being conducted on our highways without our consent by the safety Nazis in Washington begs the question: what is more dangerous — fully autonomous or partially autonomous cars?

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