October 18, 2018

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Khashoggi Revealed: Lies, Alliances, Hit Squads of Realpolitik

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“Rogue killers”? Retired US military special forces confess to being hired hit men for Gulf State dictators. After of week of hypocrisy & spin from press & politicians, David Knight breaks down the dirty secrets surrounding Khashoggi, Osama bin Laden, CIA, Saudis, Turkey, Bush, Kushner and how realpolitik has turned our Western governments into tyrants & our military into mercenaries. Then, wars start with allegations of babies taken out of incubators or a journalist with ties to terrorist cut to pieces while alive but no one cares that thousands of babies are removed from their mother & cut to pieces alive. The parallels of Gosnell & Planned Parenthood to the Khashoggi story. And, Robot Cops in New York and car-style license for bicycles in carless Paris. Welcome to your impoverished future of slavery.

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