October 31, 2018

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Making the Constitution Matter Again: Foreign Anchor Babies Don’t Have Citizenship

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Paul Ryan has discovered his pocket Constitution, but he and the establishment still can’t or won’t read it. Planned Parenthood denies a right to life & a right to birth but still rails against Trump about the birthright of anchor babies, Cory Booker wants to get ALL babies born in America up to $50,000 while Russians, Chinese, Latinos — anyone — is exploiting the loophole that doesn’t exist in the Constitution. Then, “cultural misappropriation" can destroy careers & lives but what aspects of other cultures have been pushed into American culture that are destroying our country, our families and our lives? And, the question of anchor babies will run through the judicial system. The case of Eugene Wzoreck has lasted for decades and shows legal corruption from the courthouse to the Supreme Court.

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