November 02, 2018

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Proof That Open Borders is UN Agenda, Funded by Soros & Globalists

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Calling Soros a ‘globalist’ isn’t an anti-semitic euphemism. The UN migrant charter has been rejected by US & a growing number of countries and EU/UN logo’d MasterCard debit cards are issued to migrants after Soros & MC bragged about his $500M funding. Then, cell phones, cell towers and cancer — the link has been established for a long time but they’re moving ahead on 5G; Mueller’s politicized destruction of a Congressman followed the same pattern as his attack against Trump; a professor emeritus of biology says young babies can ethically be killed since they aren’t “sentient”. And, Eric Peters joins to talk about 250,000 new diesels embargoed by EPA for emissions “cheating” may be able to be sold — at a bargain price.

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