November 15, 2018

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FOX Comes Out; USPS Bill is in the Mail; She Hit Avenatti First

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As CBS reports the US Post Office has lost billions 12 yrs in a row and the losses are growing, they say Trump “asserted without evidence” that it’s “losing a fortune”. You’ll find the bill for incompetence in the mail. But Democrats want to turn over healthcare to the government — Medicare for all — clueless about how to pay for it. Avenatti defends beating his girlfriend by saying “she hit me first”, FOX defends CNN’s Acosta claiming losing his press credentials is the end of Free Press while they were both silent about de-platforming of InfoWars & other press organization on social media. And less than a week after Acosta lectured Trump that the “caravan” wasn’t coming, they’re over the wall. Then, Roger Stone joins to talk about the texts he released proving his info source wasn’t WikiLeaks, how the WSJ spun it to say he was intimidating Mueller’s witness and the state of Florida recount a day before the deadline.

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