November 30, 2018

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Veterans Call In Special: What Should President Trump Do About Robert Mueller And Special Council?

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It’s the last Friday of the month so that means its the Veterans Call In Special. Our special co-hosts are Chris Sevier and John Tiegen. We take calls from Veterans and discuss the latest news.

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  • Date: 11/30/2018

    President Trump is now labeled “Individual 1” in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigations. New evidence allegedly from Michael Cohen’s guilty plea fuels the latest Democrat gambit against the president. Also, nationalist countries worldwide are rejecting globalists’ global warming agenda that would sabotage their future. Joining today’s show is external affairs expert Andrii Telizhenko discussing the unfolding crisis between Ukraine and Russia. - Watch now

  • Date: 11/29/2018

    A huge broadcast on the War Room today as Laura Loomer gets arrested live for protesting Twitter, Roger Stone breaks down the latest from the Mueller probe, and Owen Shroyer confronts the Austin City Council on what he views as illegal behavior. We also talked about what the globalist have planned next for the Climate Change narrative. - Watch now

  • Date: 11/29/2018

    President Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty about lying to Congress. The plea is part of a dealCohen reached with special counsel Robert Mueller. Cohen has spent over 70 hours with Mueller’s team since his earlier plea deal with federal prosecutors. Also, Trump is reportedly canceling his meeting with Russian President Putin due to the Ukraine crisis. Joining today’s show is the founder of Unite America First Will Johnson explaining the desperate attempt by Democrats to derail Trump and further Mueller’s agenda. - Watch now