December 07, 2018

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Breaking: Infowars Right Again! Chief Of Staff John Kelly To Resign

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Tons of breaking news coming out of Washington D.C. that we break down with Roger Stone. We also see the latest from President Trump fighting the Deep State. Then we have breaking news when it comes to the Charlottesville protests and a court decision.

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  • Date: 12/07/2018

    President Trump blasted Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a series of tweets where he revealed he will launch a “major” counter report against Mueller’s report. Also, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is “expected” to resign today after Trump had reportedly stopped speaking to him. Additionally, Mueller is set to release new details about Trump’s former associates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. Joining today’s show is Roger Stone delivering exclusive intel ahead of today’s bombshell reports from the White House. Furthermore, media analyst Mark Dice breaks down the latest in liberal lunacy and fake news. Start your weekend informed. - Watch now

  • Date: 12/07/2018

    77 years after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor we look at George HW Bush’s 50th anniversary speech blaming “America First”, not the Japanese, and touting the benefits of our own pre-emptive attacks as new evidence of America pushing to intervene in Ukraine. Then, why do we need USMCA? It’s worse than the worst deal in history, NAFTA, and this is why and how we stop it. And, Craig Richardson exposes climate fraud and a decade of lies and hidden data. - Watch now

  • Date: 12/06/2018

    There is a emergency report on from Mike Adams detailing to immediate threat to human existence that is 5G technology combined with atmosphere manipulation with chemicals being sprayed and they are now announcing it to the world. We break it all down with Mike Adams as well as other news. - Watch now

  • Date: 12/06/2018

    Investors are on edge after the DOW fell over 1,400 points in just two days. Also, the arrest of a Chinese CFO has allegedly complicated U.S.-China trade relations. Furthermore, Dutch police arrested a local “yellow vests” leader ahead of the weekend’s populist protests against political correctness and open border policies. Joining today’s show is the producer of Next News Network Gary Franchi sharing his cutting-edge channel to thwart Big Tech censorship. - Watch now