March 21, 2019

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Big Tech and the fake news media are pulling out all the stops to censor Infowars like never before. Fight back by watching and sharing our 50-hour Save the First Amendment - Stop Big Tech Censorship emergency broadcast containing exclusive reports, special guests and devastating intel the Deep State is determined to block! Today’s guests include journalist and social media savant Tom Pappert, talk show host George Noory, founder of Unite America First Will Johnson, citizen-journalist Laura Loomer, and grassroots director of Liberty Hangout Kaitlin Bennett.

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  • Date: 03/20/2019

    Major breaking news is going uncovered as the lose ends of Jeffrey Epstein plea deal are being pulled on and anonymous names are trying to keep them tied. Tommy Sotomayor joins us to talk the war on masculity and how it is destroying the family. Laura Loomer also joins to talk #StopTheBias. - Watch now

  • Date: 03/20/2019

    With Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe findings expected to be made public any day now, all factions are bracing for what Infowars predicted all along: there's no conspiracy between Trump and Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. The reveal of the most hyped nothing-burger in decades is set to trigger an unprecedented meltdown from leftists across America. Joining today’s show is American Attorney Robert Barnes sharing his fight to help innocent people against fake news and the DC Swamp. Also, citizen-journalist Laura Loomer explains her groundbreaking tactics against leftists. - Watch now

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