March 27, 2019

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Empire Strikes Out Against Liberty

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Free exercise of Christianity is Islamophobic says new female Muslim legislator, unvaccinated children now banned from being in public in NY county, Democrats (including 6 Senators running for President) won’t vote for Green New Deal, Chicago corruption, SCOTUS corruption, Smollett walks, Soros money talks.

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  • Date: 03/26/2019

    Today’s big news is the “emergency court appearance” by Jussie Smollet that ended with him getting away with attempting to start a race war with fake hate crime claims. Ali Alexander joins us to announce his initiative to fight back against this miscarriage of justice that happened in Chicago. Also, a county in New York is now barring minors from public places if they have not been vaccinated. - Watch now

  • Date: 03/26/2019

    House Democrats gave the Justice Department a one-week ultimatum to submit Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full report despite Mueller and Attorney General William Barr both concluding there was no collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia. Joining today’s show is former presidential candidate and government insider Bob Barr discussing the Deep State’s failed Russian collusion investigation and Trump's remarkable economic delivery. - Watch now

  • Date: 03/26/2019

    Can the week get any worse for CNN & MSNBC? Let’s hope so. Meanwhile their crack legal consultants whose minutes of airtime are even more unbelievable than they are, are now in handcuffs with “Naughty” Avenatti, the porn lawyer, indicted in separate incidents coast-to-coast.CNN is whining that Tucker Carlson is fat shaming Brian Stelter by sending him a jelly donut. Meanwhile, female astronauts’ spacesuit don’t fit so they can’t space-walk. And they thought they’d be weightless. - Watch now

  • Date: 03/25/2019

    Though The Mueller Report has indicated no Russian collusion with Trump and no obstruction charges or indictments, the Democrats are still pushing the false narrative. President Trump begins his offensive in response to the Treasonous Democrats. - Watch now