Roku activation

You need to have an active account on to watch our shows on Roku

Please click here to login. Then you will be able to enter your Roku activation code.

Steps to watch our shows on TV through Roku:

  • 1. Click Home button on your Roku remote, then go to channel store.
  • 2. Find our channel, Infowars, on Roku channel store and click OK to add our channel to your Roku box.
  • 3. Then click OK button on our Infowars channel logo. When you enter our channel for the first time to watch shows, the screen will show a linking code.
  • 4. Get on this site,, on your computer, login and click on the Roku link on top of the page.
  • 5. Enter the linking code and click the Activate button on the page.
  • That's all! In about 2 minutes, your TV screen should show that you are successful. Enjoy our shows on your TV!