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    Date: 06/30/2014

    The secret is that the elite believe they are attaining godhood and are destined for the stars. Their ancient occult views are reflected in the dark themes of Prometheus, the very name of which hints at the quest for eternity and power among a group who think a divine right bestowed by a higher intelligence gives credence to their meddling with the affairs of common man. With Prometheus II set to hit theaters early next year Alex Jones breaks down how Prometheus is a backdrop to project the greatest questions ever posed: Who are we, what are we, where do we come from and where are we going? By discussing these ancient questions it allows us to transcend the social engineers who openly believe humanity is their cattle to be manipulated and experimented on in their quest to become omnipotent gods. - Watch now

  • Nightly News

    Date: 06/07/2012

    On this June 7, 2012 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, Aaron Dykes speaks with RT anchor and creator Abby Martin about the aftermath of the 2012 Bilderberg Convention in Chantill - Watch now