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  • Alex Jones Show

    Date: 10/09/2016

    On this Sunday, October 9th 2016 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, we look at the firestorm of controversy emanating from Friday leaks that have shaken both presidential campaigns. We'll explore why a recording of Donald Trump's locker room talk may work to his advantage during the Sunday debate against Democrat contender Hillary Clinton, and examine excerpts from Hillary's speeches to banksters where she admits she wants open borders. We'll also speak with several of the brave patriots who have successfully exposed Bill Clinton as a rapist on television. Infowars will be live streaming the debate with up to the minute coverage. Tune in at - Watch now

  • Nightly News

    Date: 09/27/2016

    On this Special Monday September 27th, 2016 of the Infowars Nightly News, Infowars covers the historic first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. - Watch now