November 07, 2019

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The Globalist House Of Cards Is Coming Down

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Watch the most banned broadcast live right now! Alex Jones breaks down why the latest, unprecedented attacks on free speech are actually desperate moves by the Deep State that’s losing the war of the minds.

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    Jury rigging, media blackout, conflict of interest & other irregulars in the Roger Stone trial; important principles are being established that will destroy justice for everyone ABC seeks to punish whistleblower who exposed their coverup for Epstein & Clintons while they & other corporate media whine about protecting the Trump “whistleblower” “#Coup has started” wrote “whistleblower’s” lawyer in 2017 FBI veteran of 25 years on the conspiracy & malice behind the charges against General Flynn Anonymous book excerpts (leaked anonymously by another person to HuffPo) accuses Pence of backing Trump removal Tyranny of language as “blind spot” is pronounced hateful & “ableist” Google’s SmartCity plan where you are treated as inventory in their Internet of Things (IoT) and governed by company police, company courts & punished in “comply or deny” social credit scores Pregnant woman & 76 year old man defend their families against armed home invasions in separate incidents, Democrats hate us for our freedoms — especially our 2A Joy Behar shut down by Tulsi Gabbard on “The View” as Hillary bombs as a comedienne, unaware that SHE is the joke - Watch now

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