February 11, 2014

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Revealed: The REAL Threat to Police

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This may seem like it’s just a small local story. But it’s a story that shows that police themselves will suffer at the hands of the government when it is allowed to ignore the constitution. And it shows how mainstream media can make itself a tool of government to crucify those who stand by their oath to the Constitution.

After a Police Chief, on his way to a Constitutional Sheriff’s & Peace Officers meeting was hassled by TSA he eventually had enough and had words with a plainsclothes man who identified himself only as a “federal agent”.

This is a story that raises very serious concerns for us all:
- was he targeted by the surveillance state because he going to a Constitutional Sheriff’s meeting?
- was the department targeted for vindictive retaliation from the TSA because the Police Chief stood up to them violating his 4th Amendment rights

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