December 09, 2014

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Ohio Military May Get Wavier To Open Carry

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Active duty military risk their lives to defend our country its only right they have the means to defend themselves once they return home.

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    On The December 9, 2014 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, CIA Torture Report Reveals Grisly Abuse A scathing report released by the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday found that the Central Intelligence Agency routinely lied about the information gleaned from "enhanced interrogation tactics, which turned out to be much more disturbing than previously acknowledged. "Are You Stupid?" Gruber blasted for glib comments about American voters. How to Avoid Paying Obamacare Taxes. Illinois Just Made it a Felony to Record the Police. While citizens of Illinois were busy debating a destined-to-fail minimum wage hike, The Supreme Court was busy stealthily stripping away their first amendment right. Remember it's legal to say Merry Christmas in Texas... - Watch now

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    On this Tuesday, December 9 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers a wide spectrum of U.S. and international news. Numerous indications suggest a terror attack targeting the West that is blamed on ISIS could be coming this Christmas. Western government have spent decades destabilizing the Middle East which created the vacuum for ISIS to dominate. Trend forecaster Gerald Celente joins the broadcast to unravel the latest lies seeping out of D.C. and the newest trends taking shape geopolitically. International journalist Alex Newman of the New American also joins Alex to discuss the latest attacks on gun rights by the U.N. and other key developments. - Watch now

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