December 18, 2014

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Sheriff Knezovich Eats Fearmongering Statements.

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Spokane, Washington Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich wanted answers. After a viral Infowars posting of one of his deputies calmly stating that the MRAP vehicle the Spokane Police Department is equipped with is intended to deal with “Constitutionalists”. His youtube video response clearly demonstrates that his logic on the matter pales in comparison to the overwhelming truth that a police state is well under way. Innocent citizens have endured an onslaught of police officers illegally arresting, beating, and exponentially killing the public as their marching orders are modified to carry out the globalist's documented agenda. This should serve as an example to future officials that want to make a bias statement regarding an American media organization exercising it’s 1st Amendment in the face of tyranny on a daily basis.The people don’t need a lecture from authority. The people ARE the authority. As it is declared in the Constitution of The United States.

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