March 09, 2015

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Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash Survival Secret Revealed

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Why is it that some people can excel in adversity? Most people call it luck, which I believe to be the intersection of preparation and timing. If you have prepared, thought things out and looked at numerous outcomes, chances are you will excel in adversity. On March 5th 2015, Harrsion Ford took off in his Ryan PT-22 vintage plane and immediately experienced engine failure, he attempted to make an emergency landing but did not have enough altitude to reach the airport. Instead of dumping his plane in the surrounding neighborhood, his over 30 years of flying experience took over and he quickly brought the plane in for a controlled crash landing on the 8th hole of the Penmar golf course. This act saved himself and hundred of thousands of dollars in property damage. He sustained a large gash on his head but is expected to make a full recovery. His crash reminded me of another “lucky” incident that occurred over six years ago, when Captain Sully Sullenberger made a crash landing after engine failure and saved all 155 people on board his passenger jet. An avid glider pilot, his preparation kicked in as he brought the plane down in the Hudson River safely for what other pilots described as miracle landing. Are you prepared in your life? Are you awake to what is going on around you? Your lucky moment may be approaching, will you have the preparation to excel when your number is called? We are all soldiers in the infowar, get prepared now while you still have time.

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