March 13, 2015

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Police Inject Detainees with Heroin: Chicago Blacksite Exposed

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Infowars Reporter Joe Biggs Breaks Down Homan Squares Newest whistleblower. Jose Gonzales has come forward in a Free Thought Project article where he said he was taken in a no-knock raid and held at Homan Square in Chicago Illinois. The police then threatened to inject him with heroin if he didnt tell them what they wanted to hear.

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  • Date: 03/13/2015

    On this Friday, March 13 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we cover the unfolding events in Ferguson in the wake of the shooting of two police officers and Obama’s cynical effort to exploit racial division. We also look continued police misbehavior around the nation, lame efforts by gun grabbers to eviscerate the Second Amendment, and the military’s concern about ISIS recruits crossing the border. On today’s broadcast we talk with stand-up comedian, author and actor Richard Belzer. His latest book is Someone Is Hiding Something: What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? Dr. Edward Group will also be in-studio today. Mr. Group founded Global Healing Center and is at the forefront of a research and development team working to produce new and advanced degenerative disease products and information. - Watch now

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    On the March 13, 2015 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, Texas bill wants to make illegal to film police. Cop wants to arrest dog. Chivalry is sexist. Rape victims medical records used against her and much more... - Watch now

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    On the March 12, 2015 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, Ferguson Supporters Celebrate Shooting of Police Officers. Police Accused of Confiscating Camera. Woman who filmed Eric Garner death claims to be targeted, beaten by police. OBAMA WANTS WAR WITHOUT GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITATION. Did David Cross Predict Cliven Bundy? ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO HALTS WATER FLUORIDATION. - Watch now

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    On the Thursday, March 12 edition of the Alex Jones Show, tensions in Ferguson, Missouri, are at an all time high after two cops suffered gunshot wounds early this morning in what police are describing as an ambush attack. Also, Obama's new Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter tells Congress it should grant the Pentagon the authority to strike the U.S.-trained terror group without any limits, and Sen. Lindsey Graham's plan to deal with an irreconcilable Congress. On today's show, Texas State Rep. David Simpson joins the show to discuss HB 2165, a bill seeking to repeal the state’s arrestable marijuana offenses. We also invite John Bowman, the vice president of the National Motorists Association, to break down red light cameras, license plate readers and other mechanisms of the surveillance state apparatus negatively affecting the rights of American motorists. We'll also take your calls on this worldwide transmission. - Watch now