April 21, 2015

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Unemployed Reporter Calls Truth Seekers "Cult Members"

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Former RT host Liz Wahl testified about the big bad internet saying it provides a platform for fringe voices and extremists. The establishment can't stand that alternative media and their viewers are dominating online discussions and riling up massive amounts of zombie sheep.

Wahl gained notoriety last year for quitting Russian state media during a live broadcast. It was a totally inauthentic move that had been planned months in advance and was orchestrated with the help of neocon James Kerchick, a former employee of Radio Free Europe

Radio Free Europe and The Voice of America have been pumping pro-US propaganda around the globe for decades.

Hillary Clinton and others have acknowledged that the US government is losing the information war, but rather than change their method to truth telling, they are desperately trying to stifle the rising alternative voices promoting freedom.

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