June 05, 2015

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Friday: The Alex Jones Show. The road to tyranny is paved with your liberties, wake up and fight back with INFOWARS!

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On this Friday, June 5 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, the TPP trade package is beginning to unravel, as more prominent voices slam President Obama and the Republican leadership over the secretive deal threatening American jobs and handing new powers to big corporations. We'll also look at increased urban warfare drills taking place across the country and the USA Freedom ACT, which some Americans believe actually gives them “freedom.” Political advisor and warmist agenda critic Lord Christopher Monckton joins the show today to discuss the potential climate change policies included in the current trade deals. Also today, Francis A. Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, breaks down the recent government shipments of anthrax and other instances of state sponsored terrorism. We'll also take your calls during this global transmission.

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