August 07, 2015

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Friday: The Alex Jones Show. Trump On ‘Inappropriate’ Debate: ‘Bimbo’ Megyn Kelly Bombed – She’s ‘Overrated And Angry’

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On the Friday, August 7 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, we rundown the highlights and lowlights of the 2016 Republican presidential debate, dissect the arguments and look closer at the important candidates' real platforms. We also examine how Fox News' 'attacks' enabled Trump to speak longer, and look at a new video that shows Planned Parenthood engaged in fetal organ trafficking as far back as 2000. We'll also look at the US' renewed efforts to topple the Syrian regime on the pretext of routing out ISIS. On today's show, Alex Jones and crew provide updates and reports from the Vatican, the pope's mouthpiece for world government, and we'll also take your calls on this transmission.

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