December 19, 2015

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Another Big Win for Government At Your Expense

The House approved a $1.1 trillion spending bill Friday morning with a majority of Democratic votes. This is despite the fact that Republicans control both the House and Senate, proving once again that the left-right paradigm is only meant to divide voters while both sides bow to one master.

Dangerous Perverts:Champions Of The Left

A transgender father who abandoned his seven children to start a new life as a “6-year-old girl” is being celebrated by some liberals as a shining example of diversity. 46-year-old Stefonknee Wolschtt is being profiled by numerous media outlets after he/she/xe revealed her story in a video interview for The Transgender Project.

Wolschtt is now dressing up and pretending to be a 6-year-old girl with her adopted family after being given an ultimatum by her ex-wife, who said she had to “stop being trans or leave”. Wolschtt chose to abandon the 23-year marriage along with her seven kids and is now fulfilling her role as “little sister” to her new parents’ youngest granddaughter.

All kidding and paranoid trans-phobia aside. Isn’t this just sheer unabashed propaganda aimed at destroying the family. What’s Next? Maybe the outspoken mentally ill modern day left wing liberals will be glorifying the sad tale of John E. List, a man who literally destroyed his family by methodically murdering them all because he had become recently unemployed and didn’t want them to carry his burden. Rest assured dead beat dads everywhere, all you have to do is become a twisted paragon of perversion and the left will carry you to victory!

Sanders Camp Slams Clinton and DNC, Threatens Lawsuit

Even as the campaign admitted its staffers had inappropriately reviewed and saved Hillary Clinton campaign data made available as a result of a software error, it emphatically accused the DNC of sabotage and of blatantly favoring Clinton.

Newsweek, an 82 year old magazine that has changed hands over the years and is now barely scratching at a profit. Has, like many desperate publications in print media, become a regurgitation of elitist propaganda.

So, It comes as no surprise that Newsweek would produce an article of arrogant swill such as this. “'Star Wars’ Class Wars: Is Mars the Escape Hatch for the 1 Percent?” By Kevin Maney. Maney states for all of our simple little shrunken minds that “While many dream of escaping earth to settle on Mars, billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are working to make it possible. But finding a new home on the red planet will likely only be for the rich, leaving the poor to suffer as earth's environment collapses and conflict breaks out.”

Well good riddance super rich. If you need help packing there are millions of Americans that would be happy to oblige. Earth is in turmoil because of the super rich. Not the average citizen working 9 to 5. Unyielding war, Race division Propaganda, Centralized banking systems, mega corporations raking in huge profits while destroying the middle class, Carbon tax madness regulated in the name of phony climate science, and terrorists funded by a black budget so the elite can win at their global board game of RISK. Not to mention the protected heroin industry, disappearing children and sex slave trade as a result of the Luciferian doctrine many of the elite openly subscribe to.

Plus, your Frankenstein monster ISIS would be left holding the bag if you rocketed off to another planet. Trust me, ISIS doesn’t want to deal with 300 plus million angry Americans, that threat would be gone in a heartbeat. And please save a seat for everyone in Congress. With those idiots gone, and our Constitution and rights fully adhered to and represented, we would plot a course for thousands of years of happiness, prosperity and liberty.

Maney continues “This is the unspoken flip side of Musk’s SpaceX and Bezos’s Blue Origin. The space travel companies say they are creating a way for the human species to endure by populating other planets. But the bottom line is that only the wealthy will have the means to move to Mars. Musk’s target ticket price is $500,000 a person in 2015 dollars, and that’s just to get there. Imagine the new outfits you’ll have to buy to go with that space helmet.”

So when’s your flight?

What is Sharia-Ism

Joy Brighton is the author of "Sharia-Ism is Here: The Battle to Control Women and Everyone Else", a new book that makes the case that shariaism is already here thanks to muslim immigration and the political correctness that's allowing it to take hold and spread.

Joy Brighton is a Former Wall Street Trader and longtime champion of women’s rights. Joy partnered with a major international charity to create one of the earliest micro-finance programs for women in Africa, and the first financial literacy course for women in Mozambique. It was out of this growing concern about the abuse of women here in america sanctioned in the name of religion, culture, or sharia that Brighton offers this key information.

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