January 30, 2016

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Friday: The Infowars Nightly News. US Politics Are Kind Of Like A Game Show

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On this Friday, January 29, 2016, an FBI Oregon shooting video raises more questions. Oregon State Police an the FBI stopped two vehicles heading north on U.S. 395. One of those vehicles, a white truck being driven by Oregon militiaman LaVoy Finicum speeds up after idling for a while. It is then that LaVoy Finicum and the other passengers ran into a road block. Finicum leaves the vehicle and raises his hands. When a man from behind him shoots Finicum for reasons that still remain unclear. Finicum’s daughter claims that her father was “murdered” execution-style with his hands in the air, an account backed up by an eyewitness to the incident. Did LaVoy’s arm movement legitimize excessive force? Was he covering a wound, getting his balance in deep snow, or reaching for a weapon? What brought us to this dark day of Liberty gone wrong?

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