May 19, 2016

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Wednesday: The Infowars Nightly News. California's Toxic Legacy Is Killing The Future

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On this Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 of the Infowars Nightly News, Navy seal and author Carl Higbie talks about his book “Enemies Foreign and Domestic" end and what the obsession with political correctness. And egalitarianism will mean for our ability to defend our country. And Dr. Edward Group, Anthony Gucciardi warn us about the silent killers in the workplace. Then a special report from Alex Jones.

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  • Date: 05/18/2016

    On this Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into the aftermath of the Democratic primaries, with Sanders taking Oregon and Clinton beating him by a nose in Kentucky. Roger Stone breaks down what this all means and Trump’s recent decision to hire a libertarian for his campaign. Dr. Edward Group exposes the undetectable radiation permeating throughout the U.S. and world-renown author and screenwriter Victor Ostrovsky reveals just how bad censorship has become in the West. Tune in! - Watch now

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    On this Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, a Muslim scholar celebrates the extinction of "blue eyed, blonde haired" Germans, as a German audience applauded the eradication of their own people. And The Washington Post reports Trump is to meet with Bilderberg kingpin Henry Kissinger this week in order to tap his ‘expertise’ on foreign policy. On today's show, we'll look at comments by the former Federal Election Commission Vice Chairwoman Ann Ravel, who claims she received death threats after being featured on Drudge Report. We'll also continue looking at election news, the state of geo-politics and also take your calls on today's worldwide transmission. - Watch now

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    On this Tuesday, May, 17th, 2016 of the Infowars Nightly news. A victory for 9/11 truth as the senate finally passes a bill that will allow the victims of September, 11th to sue the government of Saudi Arabia, for funding and aiding the terrorist hijackers. Meanwhile Barack Hussein Obama is expected to veto the bill and the senate is expected to override the veto, does this mean the 28 pages will be released to the public. Then how to beat your wife like a boss, an official message from the government of and Saudia Arabia sadly is not satire. and former CIA smuggler Robert Tosh Plumlee reveals how the United States Government has been infiltrated by an international crime syndicate. - Watch now

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