March 07, 2018

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Real News With David Knight. Trade War? EU & WTO Started After Tax Cuts By Trump

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018: Democrats opposed tax cuts, GOP opposes tariffs to support decimated steel & aluminum industries. But Trump is doing what he promised & what his voters wanted. Wall Street & bankers are furious & fearful that this attack on globalism will result in a trade war. But the EU & WTO (World Trade Organization) already declared a trade war in response to Trump’s tax cuts that they claimed would give USA an unfair advantage. Then, the racism of the Democrat Party, as embodied by Schumer, has become a new “Jim Crow” law, just a different group. Will the racism become genocide like in South Africa? And an editorial board in Massachusetts asks Fauxcahontas to take a DNA test and put the issue of Elizabeth Warren’s Indian privilege to rest.

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