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    Date: 12/22/2015

    On tonights Monday December 21st, 2015 edition of the Nightly News. Can You Hear What Trump is Saying, if Said with an Aristocratic Accent? Obama uses jihadi surrogates to create terror and revolution in the Middle East, then terrorizes the American public by bringing to America vast numbers of un-vetted migrants from the affected areas. We are told the borders don’t need to be controlled, guns need to be controlled. Donald Trump’s confrontation of this narrative, along with the economic devastation of America’s working class, is the essence of his popularity. Listen to Trump explain his approach but overdubbed by an English comedian. Are you more affected by style than by substance? And Senator Ben Sasse points to the danger of rule by Presidential fiat (executive orders) and how Congress & the American people place their partisan loyalty above the Constitution. Sex, Lies & Dem Debates Hillary wants you to focus on what sex she is, but forget about her husband’s sexual assaults. Is it enough for Hillary to win if her arrogance exposes the corruption in the DNC, rigging the electoral process for Hillary? And then there are the lies... - Watch now