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    Date: 04/06/2015

    Vietnam…1965 to 1972. The Phoenix Program, was a CIA designed and coordinated infiltration of the political infrastructure of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam aka the Viet Cong Communist Army. The CIA had been covertly infiltrating Viet Cong strong holds to seek out names on their kill list. One of the Tactics included parading innocent Vietnamese citizens around their village with a bag over their head and a leash around their neck, terrorizing all of the residents. The Vietnamese citizen on the leash would then be instructed to indicate which house the Viet Cong informer might live. The next day, The CIA’s Provincial Reconnaissance Units would kick the door down and kill everyone inside, women and children included. The CIA’s PRU would haul the Viet Cong off to regional interrogation centers where they would be tortured to extract information for the Commanding officers and then the whole process would be repeated. Peter DeSilva, The CIA’s station chief developed the strategy known as counter terror. The use of terrorism as a legitimate tool to use in unconventional warfare. DeSilva strategically applied the counter terror to unsuspecting “enemy civilians”. Historian Douglas Valentine noted in his important work The Phoenix Program, that "Central to Phoenix is the fact that it targeted civilians, not soldiers”. With martial law plans that have been in place for decades. The globalist banksters that control our Government see the CIA’a approach in Vietnam as a benchmark in undermining U.S. sovereignty. In just 14 years,since 9/11, unleashing a degradation in the American Bill Of Rights never before seen in our 239 year history. The Fall Of Saigon in 1975, marked the end of The Vietnam War. Communism won and The Socialist Republic of Vietnam was born. The CIA lost The Vietnam War by targeting the citizenry. And they want to try that on American soil? With the Jade Helm Operations gearing up for summer 2015. Treason’s seat at the table of Liberty just got a whole lot bigger. - Watch now