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  • Alex Jones Show

    Date: 02/04/2016

    On this Thursday, February 4th edition of the Alex Jones Show, we dissect the DoJ's move to clamp down on what it sees as the rise of domestic anti-government extremists. And the Zika virus continues its expansion into North America, with several prominent experts claiming the disease could be genetically modified. On today's show, GOP strategist Roger Stone stops by to give his take on the Iowa caucus and where he sees the election heading. Clinton insider Larry Nichols also breaks down Hillary's scandals, including her ongoing email debacle. Louisiana state Senator Elbert Guillory also discusses what urged him to switch parties from Democrat to Republican. We'll also take your calls on today's show. - Watch now

  • Nightly News

    Date: 12/22/2015

    On tonights Monday December 21st, 2015 edition of the Nightly News. Can You Hear What Trump is Saying, if Said with an Aristocratic Accent? Obama uses jihadi surrogates to create terror and revolution in the Middle East, then terrorizes the American public by bringing to America vast numbers of un-vetted migrants from the affected areas. We are told the borders don’t need to be controlled, guns need to be controlled. Donald Trump’s confrontation of this narrative, along with the economic devastation of America’s working class, is the essence of his popularity. Listen to Trump explain his approach but overdubbed by an English comedian. Are you more affected by style than by substance? And Senator Ben Sasse points to the danger of rule by Presidential fiat (executive orders) and how Congress & the American people place their partisan loyalty above the Constitution. Sex, Lies & Dem Debates Hillary wants you to focus on what sex she is, but forget about her husband’s sexual assaults. Is it enough for Hillary to win if her arrogance exposes the corruption in the DNC, rigging the electoral process for Hillary? And then there are the lies... - Watch now

  • Nightly News

    Date: 09/11/2015

    On this Thursday, September 10th, 2015, edition of the Infowars Nightly News. The Infowars crew looks back on the many ways the government lied about what really happened on September 11th, 2001. Lee Ann McAdoo talks with Richard Gage a member of the American Institute of Architects about 9/11 as well as a new film where firefighters, engineers and architects will be exposing the myths about 9/11. and an interview with retired New York Firefighter and police officer Rudy Dent who give us his insight on the 9/11 incident. - Watch now

  • Special Reports

    Date: 04/29/2015

    Homicide convictions nationwide are being stayed due to a 2012 inquiry by the FBI that is reviewing almost 3,000 homicide cases from 3 decades ago that used what is being called junk science to determine the guilty party using forensic analysis of hair samples. The FBI has acknowledged "Nearly every examiner in its elite forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants in over more than a two-decade period before 2000." Pop TV Culture would have you believe that this science is legitimate. Entire shows hinging on the expert scientific evidence given by federal forensic analysts. A prime example of the use of propaganda to sway the public’s perception. What has transpired at the FBI is nothing less than a complete breakdown of justice. - Watch now

  • Nightly News

    Date: 09/12/2014

    On this September 11th,2014 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, Jakari Jackson dives into the massive campaign of lies now facing America. ISIS threat to America a Farce. NBC Reporter: Boots are already on the ground.Interesting; ISIS militant with an apparent US Army tattoo.SAN DIEGO SCHOOL POLICE GIVEN MINE-RESISTANT MILITARY VEHICLE BY PENTAGON.Ohio State Gets Armored Fighting Vehicle: “Specifically Designed for Asymmetric Warfare”.SCHOOL COPS BRUTALIZE TEEN GIRL OVER CELL PHONE.NORAD practice for 9/11 style attacks 2 years prior. 9/11 WTC janitor Rodrigez - basement explosions. And the 28 pages of the 9/11 report they don't want you to see, because once you do, it changes everything. - Watch now