January 09, 2019

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Trump's Wall Blitz

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Globalist fact checkers had to ignore the data President Trump provided in his argument for the US-Mexico border wall by attacking the speech as “stoking fear.” Also, across the Atlantic, the BBC was slammed for promoting a “debate” on whether honor killings are good or bad. The backlash began after the UK network asked if a refugee who renounced Islam and faced death should be “respected.” Joining today’s show is Freedom First’s Joey Gibson with Sheriff Bob Songer rallying for Americans’ right to defend themselves. Furthermore, comedian Owen Benjamin discusses how the establishment left ruined comedy and due process. Call and tune in now!

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  • Date: 01/09/2019

    Donald Trump delivered his first Oval Office address last night in an appeal to the democrats, explaining in clear terms the dangers that come with an open-border policy. They responded by sending Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to deliver a response with all the charm and charisma as the twins from the Shining. Plus, Manafort's lawyers accidentally show their hand, and give the MSM yet another headline as they desperately try to keep the Russia Collusion Delusion afloat. Interview with Mumkey Jones, who was kicked off YouTube when a private video with 0 views was given a community strike. - Watch now

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    President Trump is set to announce a national emergency over the crisis on the Southern border in one of his biggestmoves to date. Trump’s declaration could circumvent Congress and the partial government shutdown to force construction of the US-Mexico border wall. Across the Atlantic, the chairman of Germany’s right-wing party is fighting for his life after a gang of left-wing terrorists attempted to kill him by almost beating him to death. Joining today’s show is Newswars.com's European correspondent Dan Lyman delivering exclusive intel on the migrant crisis and France’s populist riots. Furthermore, writer/director Devon Stack provides his dark brand of geopolitical insight. Call and tune in now! - Watch now

  • Date: 01/08/2019

    Just a few years ago, the entire democratic establishment agreed that illegal immigration was a problem that needed to be stopped. Something happened that made them change their minds, and now they liken building a wall to something racist, supremacist, or worse. With his opponents hell-bent on keeping the border open regardless of the cost, President Trump is exercising his authority to declare a national emergency to build the wall. Plus, the Yellow Vests plan a controlled-demolition of the entire banking system. - Watch now